“Individual contributions and ideas are much appreciated” - Lilie Ong

Almost 3 years ago I joined Agidens because I enjoy working in the pharmaceutical/ Life Sciences industry. I am currently working as GxP Validation Engineer at the Agidens office in The Netherlands.

Agidens offers interesting projects in challenging work environments. In addition, they offer an excellent pay and benefit package.

Agidens has an appealing corporate culture. Individual contributions and ideas are much appreciated! Plus, you will never walk alone. Agidens has a whole army of professionals who are willing to help when needed.

The combination of ‘fieldwork’ and preparing protocols and reports is what made my current job so appealing to me.

Day-to-day tasks

1. Writing commissioning / (re)validation protocols and reports
2. Performing tests in protocols
3. Setting up periodic meetings to discuss project planning or test results (with Quality officers e.g.)
4. Preparing and proposing validation approaches
5. Attending training sessions in order to gain essential knowledge

A few quick questions

What did you study?
  • Molecular Life Sciences (Research track and Management & Technology track) at Radboud University in Nijmegen

Why do you like working at Agidens?
  • My love for the pharmaceutical/ Life Sciences industry

Which arguments can convince future colleagues to choose for Agidens?
  • Opportunities for both personal and professional development

What do you like about your current job?
  • The flexibility of my work schedule

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