CIP: from audit to realization

CIP: from audit to realization

Agidens has a large experience in auditing CIP installations in a wide range of industries. We help our customers by analysing existing solutions in order to take concrete measurements to optimize their cleaning process. Thanks to our extensive know-how of industrial processing, E&I, automation and validation, we can also offer a complete A to Z project approach including design, construction or revamp of the CIP installation and testing & support.


Our process engineers analyse your specific situation and advise on the most optimal cleaning solution. The following parameters are taken into account:
  • Planning: actual and future capacities and limitations
  • Product and Pollution: defining general cleaning philosophy (type and number of detergens, spray nozzles,…)
  • Process: understanding your needs – make your CIP lean and mean
  • Physical CIP objects: number, type, location,…


An audit of your existing CIP solution can result in concrete measures for optimization of:
  • Personal and product safety
  • CIP duration = Processing downtime
  • Optimal use of water, air, energy, chemicals, water and detergents
  • Correct hygienic design in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines


Based upon the experience and knowledge of key process systems and installations for fine chemicals and food & beverage indus-tries, Agidens has developed a flexible and controllable Cleaning In Place platform (ACIP). 

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