Q\Platform: the Inline Quality Control System

The existing quality control methods for liquid transfers at tank terminals can be very inefficient. Samples need to be sent to a laboratory, causing long delays and compromising pull-through times at the terminal. Is this single sample even representative? As an alternative for the commonly used open sample system, FuQon has now launched Q\Platform, the inline Quality Control System that gives real-time and continuous results whilst guaranteeing safety for the operator and the environment.

Q\Platform is the solution to monitor the quality of fuel continuously, quickly and safely. A small bypass containing NIR (Near-Infrared) technology is installed on the main pipe to ensure that quality is continuously monitored throughout the pumping process. A cell, known as the Q\Cell, is located in the bypass containing a light source on one side and a sensor on the other. When fuel flows through the Q\Cell, the sensor measures the amount of light passing through the fuel. This light transmission provides information about the chemical composition of the fuel. A complete database containing all kinds of fuels is then used to compare liquids.  

The Q\Platform continuously monitors the fuel quality, from the beginning to the end of a pumping operation, noting any possible deviation during product transfer. By using the Q\Platform, accidents, incorrect transfer and long waiting times for quality results can be prevented.  The Q\Platform saves costs and gives control over the product value. Furthermore, the Q\Cell is a closed system which means no tanks need to be opened. 

  • Continuous analysis of the fuel
  • Real-time reporting by stand-alone dashboard or integration into DCS
  • Intervene immediately
  • Non-invasive and scalable
  • No need for recalibration
  • No need for manual samples
  • ATEX approved
  • Complete offering

Agidens is exclusive distributor for system integration and first-line support.

More info about the system on www.FuQon.com

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